To install Tag Blaster, choose your browser and follow the instructions.

Internet Explorer - Right click this link and Add to Favorites -> Tag Blaster

All other browsers - Drag this link to your bookmarks or right click and Bookmark (This) Link -> Tag Blaster

This bookmarklet modifies the content of textareas so that it will not be parsed by as HTML/PHP formatting. It also fixes URLs so that they will not become clickable links. It is designed for web developers to be able to post visible HTML/PHP code for tutorials or problem solving.

How do I use this? - Just type/paste your code into the textarea as you would normally and then click the bookmarklet. All HTML/PHP code will be "blasted" so it will display as code. If you only want to make a selection visible (i.e. you have links elsewhere in the post) just highlight the text you want blasted and then click the bookmarklet. You can repeat this process to change multiple selections.

There is an online version of this script (no JavaScript required) available here.

May 15, 2009 - Fixed a bug in the generic version which occurred when a hidden textarea was on the page.

April 04, 2006 - There are now two bookmarklets, one for Internet Explorer and one for everything else. Use the appropriate version. The generic version has been tested in Netscape 7, Firefox 1.5, Mozilla 1.7 and Opera 8.

StumbleUpon and the SU logo are StumbleUpon 2005. This bookmarklet is not supported by StumbleUpon.