This is a GreaseMonkey userscript for converting your StumbleUpon favorites to a bookmarks.html file. You may import this file into any web browser as a list of bookmarks. Favorites will be sorted in folders by topic.

To install this script for GreaseMonkey, click here and choose "Install."

To start using this script, click the "Export your favorites as HTML" link on the sidebar, when on your SU Favorites page. If you do not have a sidebar, you are not yet using the new interface. It will eventually become standard, or you can test it out by visiting this page. The bookmarklet version linked below will work if you are still using the old interface. If you encounter problems, make sure SUE or other SU add-ons are disabled.

Notes: This script is capable of causing a heavy load on the SU servers, especially if you have many favorites. Please do not run the script more often than necessary. If you have any problems with the script or would just like to give me feedback, contact me at my SU page. If you like this script and find it useful please review it here.

1.0 (25-07-2007) - SU2Bookmarks has been reborn as a Greasemonkey userscript. Over 90% of the code has been rewritten to provide a better interface and smoother conversion.

SU2Bookmarks started life as a Firefox bookmarklet written by former stumbler Cowface. I continued updating the script until mid-2007 when changes to prevented the old method from working. The last-known working copy of the bookmarklet is available here for the curious. It does not work in the "beta" and will stop working altogether when SU is fully updated.

StumbleUpon and the SU logo are StumbleUpon 2001-2005. This script is not supported by StumbleUpon.