Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar or right-click and bookmark this link -> SU ThreadLister (tested in Firefox only)

SU ThreadLister is a bookmarklet for creating an index of the threads in StumbleUpon group forums. To use this bookmarklet, visit the forums page for your group then run this bookmarklet from your bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks menu. It will open a new window/tab and will take several minutes to complete if you have a slow connection or a very large forum. Do not close the pop-up window. You may open new windows or tabs but do not click on anything in either of the windows/tabs being used by the script until it is done.

If you are a logged in as a moderator, the list will contain hidden threads. If you do not wish hidden threads to be shown, sign out and run the bookmarklet while not logged in. This will cause the script to ignore the hidden threads.

If you want to copy the list into a forum post, open the SUThreadList.html file in a text editor and copy everything between the <p> tags. Paste this into the forum post and you will have a working index. Because of the post size limit, you may be unable to fit it all in one post. For large thread lists, I recommend uploading the list to a file server and linking to it. If you are a forum moderator and need somewhere to host the file, contact Thlayli.

Please respect the SU servers and do not abuse this bookmarklet. If there are many threads it will cause a heavy server load. If you have any problems with the script or would just like to give me feedback, contact me at my SU page. If you like this bookmarklet and find it useful please review it here.

July 20, 2007 - Updated to remove stupid mistakes which suddenly made the script stop working.

June 8, 2007 - Updated to fix reliability issues with slow network connections.

Note: StumbleUpon Extreme heavily modifies the content of all SU pages. I recommend disabling it before running SU ThreadLister to avoid errors.

StumbleUpon and the SU logo are StumbleUpon 2001-2005. This bookmarklet is not supported by StumbleUpon.