Preview StumbleUpon Posts

This is a GreaseMonkey userscript that enables Preview functionality in StumbleUpon forums and on SU Contact pages.

To install this script for GreaseMonkey, right click here and select "Install User Script."

This script cannot automatically access your StumbleUpon user information. In order for your avatar and username to display correctly you must configure the prefString variable in the userscript by hand. The script will work properly without this information, it just improves the appearance of the preview. Click here for instructions on how to edit the userscript.

This version is designed for the new interface. If you're not using the new interface, you can install the old version. The new one will then work in the forums, and the old one in the inbox.

1.6 (25-07-2007) - Restored preview button on Contact pages.
1.5 (03-07-2007) - Updated following major revisions to StumbleUpon. No changes in functionality.
1.2 (22-02-07) - Added warnings when you navigate away from a drafted post without submitting it.
1.1 (13-09-06) - Fixed to work after September 2006 update.

Written by Thlayli with assistance from StrangeJ.

Problems or questions? PM me via StumbleUpon.

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