StumbleUpon Favorite Groups

This is a GreaseMonkey script that adds a Favorite Groups section to your Recent Conversations page. You can add as many groups as you like to this list and they will always be shown at the bottom of the Recent Conversations, or Forums, page in alphabetical order. The Favorite Groups section is private and is never shown to anyone else.

To install this script, right click here and select "Install User Script." (Firefox compatible only)

To pick your Favorite Groups, click the Favorite Groups text at the bottom of the Recent Conversations page or click View All on your About page. This will take you to your Groups page. Click the Choose Favorites text near the top, then select some groups from the list below. The forum icon will be given a border and the name will be underlined when you click on them to show they are selected. The selected groups will be added to the Favorite Groups section when you click Accept Changes. If you deselect any of your current Favorite Groups, they will be removed from the list when you Accept Changes.

Since the Favorite Groups list is maintained separately from your groups, you can leave a group and the icon will still remain in the Favorite Groups section. This allows you to keep groups in your Favorite Groups section without remaining a member. Note: in order to remove the group you will have to rejoin it so that the icon appears on your Groups page.

Each stumbler on a machine can store a separate list of Favorite Groups. The current stumbler is detected automatically.

This script is compatible with Sort Groups by Alpha.

v 1.0 - First release.

Problems or questions? PM me via StumbleUpon.