SU About Enhancements

This is a GreaseMonkey script that modifies About pages on StumbleUpon, adding several new features.

Features include:

To install this script, click here and select "Install" (Firefox tested only)

Note that this script downloads the Group page each time you visit an About page. If you are on a slow connection, the About page may take some time to load. The script will post a loading message while downloading the groups.

Click to view a "before" screenshot
Click to view an "after" screenshot

This script includes features previously available in other scripts. Thanks to Compare StumbleUpon Likes, Count StumbleUpon Likes, Sort Groups by Alpha, StumbleUpon Likes Linker. These last two are by StrangeJ, always a helpful friend.

This script has an auto-update feature. It will check once a week for a new version and prompt you to download it if available. You can force an update check via the Greasemonkey User Script Commands menu under Tools.

July 11, 2008 - v2.1 - Improved match accuracy by using URLs instead of text.
March 12, 2008 - v2.0 - First release.

Problems or questions? PM me via StumbleUpon.